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Club Tech launched in Latin America!

The 6 Characteristics Of Modern Online Language Learning

As a former foreign-language teacher, I often look at the tools available to teachers now and wonder how my teaching might have been different if I had the same tools when I was teaching. While I wasn’t exactly teaching during the dark ages, the most technology we used in class was in a group language lab where the students would complete listening exercises from software that came bundled with their textbooks. My classes were highly focused on functional speaking in the language, but we still had to teach to a book/grammar based curriculum.

The infographic below, while simply designed to show students who are taking a MOOC for university level Spanish what the components of their class will be, does an excellent job showing a) just how online language learning can be (even if you’re sitting at home alone) and b) how well language learning lends itself to online learning. The live exercises with interactive videos, adaptive flashcard based exercises, google hangouts, and language coaching for writing and speaking submissions are all spot-on language learning activities while also being excellent online learning activities. Just goes to show you that in some cases, very little needs to change between online and in person learning!