Vision & Mission & Culture

Club Tech launched in Latin America!


Applied Sciences Foundation is on the pursuit of social justice for everyone based on a world where everyone has the same right to access a quality education to allow our children develop their human and professional potential.


Our inspiration comes from the pursuit of awareness of society facing to a problem has been a problem for a long time “lack of opportunities” for those who are not to be able to access a private education.

We will promote positive changes on their education by offering programs and initiatives that give them an alternative to achieve their success through innovative and non-traditional education.

  • We are friends working together to develop a successful organization
  • Everyone helps out in any way they can.
  • Everyone has the ability to make an impact.
  • Everyone at ASCIF can sell our cause. We focus into better fundraising.
  • Everyone is empowered to improve the organization, we do not conform to the status quo.