Our Strategy

Club Tech launched in Latin America!


Applied Sciences Foundation seeks to transform the life trajectories of the most vulnerable and economically disadvantaged youth. We make investments, frequently in partnership with other funders, and promote public and private support of programs with a potential for growth and compelling evidence that they can help more young people become successful adults.


  • Solutions exist. There are promising nonprofits whose programs make a meaningful difference in the lives of disadvantaged youth.
  • The challenge is expanding these programs to a scale at which they can benefit more youth and have more reach.
  • Major expansion requires major growth capital: substantial and flexible resources, committed upfront, that an organization can use to pay for infrastructure, capacity and whatever else will help it serve significantly greater numbers of young people.
  • Expanding programs while maintaining and improving their effectiveness also requires continually collecting evidence of their success.
  • Policies and funding that direct growth capital to evidence-based programs and propel them to scale can make a serious dent in the world’s most pressing social problems.