The Challenge

Club Tech launched in Latin America!

Across the globe, education shapes the life chances of individuals and the well-being of societies. Social, economic and political equality all require that marginalized and disadvantaged people have access to high-quality education.


We focus on strengthening educational systems to ensure all young people receive an education that enables them to engage in meaningful work and contribute as citizens in diverse societies.

We work with organizations that produce compelling new thinking and evidence; promote effective and scalable practices; and communicate, advocate, and build the capacity for reform.

Worldwide, we fund initiatives designed to transform opportunity for secondary and post-secondary schools and help students from poor or marginalized communities gain access to quality higher education.

In the United States, our higher education efforts support greater access and affordability, and innovations that increase the likelihood that students will become productive members of society. We plan to expand our work to communities in Latin America and other regions Worldwide.